“Rehab Addict” Addicted…

Who doesn’t love some Nicole Curtis!

Boy DVRed a bunch of episodes for me and I just watched show after show after show.

<don’t get me wrong, I was putzing around the house doing stuff while I had it on.  I wasn’t just sitting on my arse eating bonbons and sipping hot coco!>

I love her for so many reasons. She is a huge advocate for taking old decrepit houses on the verge of demolition and restoring them.  Not flipping them, but restoring them! Big difference between the two.  She tries to keep all the original aspects and details and materials!  She rescues furniture off the side of the street.  She drives that terrific old truck with the stick shift on the floor! She is from Michigan!

<funny thing about that, she went to Lake Orion High School.  My good high school friend’s dad moved from our district to Lake Orion to be the superintendent.  Nicole probably graduated with his daughter!>

The great thing…I learn something from her every episode!

This weekend I learned that back in the day they used string for spacing tiles since those plastic spacers didn’t exist yet.  I asked Boy if we could do this for my bathroom and he said no!  Boo, Boy!

I  learned that Phillips head screwdrivers were not invented until the early 30’s.  If a piece of furniture or cabinetry has phillips head screws, it isn’t any older then 1934ish!  Don’t fall for it if someone says otherwise!

I also learned that I need to invest in a small crockpot.  Not for cooking, silly!  To boil water and drop hardware in it…You can drop it in and go about working…no watching a boiling pot! This is a great way to remove layers of paint and yuck!  Great idea and good to know!

Next best news!  She will be in West Palm at the House and Home Show in February!  I might have to rearrange my schedule to see if I can go meet her!  I wonder where she is staying?  Maybe we can offer her an apartment for the weekend!

Woot! Woot!

Have a flipping fantastic week, peeps!

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