A Level Of Acceptance…


As a designer, a Libra, a perfectionist and seriously Type-A person…this is a quote I read daily for acceptance and I think it is something the general homeowner can appreciate! Those beautiful photo shoots in magazines, on Pinterest and the web take hours, even days and many, many people to achieve! Accept your level of perfect and it will be beautiful!

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IPhone Dump…

The craziness of taking photos at Market…I realized that I have not shared my last days of the minimalist game with you all!

(to be honest, I forgot to post to Instagram as well!  I promise I did finish and completed every day’s count of items!  I am even considering doing it again! Maybe January as it would be a great way to start the year!)

Without further ado, Day 23 – 30!


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Going Pink…

The Iconic Hans Wegner Wishbone chair is going pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.




Although I am partial to the red version of this chair…I think this is pretty snazzy!

Pink lacquered frame and white paper cord seat!

And 30% of the sale price is donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  The chair retails for $855 and can be purchased fromsuiteny.com, 212-421-3300.




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Someone Is Telling…

me it is time to stop drafting and go to “Yappy Hour!”


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Tired and Grateful…

Home from LA and it was a doozy, whirlwind of a trip!

I am very grateful for this opportunity and have terrific clients who will eventually be really great life long friends!

But I am happy to be back here!


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